Top 5 Apple Production States in India

Ambri Apple, McIntosh Apple, Granny Smith, Chaubattia Anupam, ​Golden Delicious, Sunehari, and Fuji apples are the popular and profitable varieties of apples in India.
According to the data for 2020-2021, the apple production in Jammu & Kashmir was 1695000.00 metric tonnes. As a result, farmers obtained profitable income from Apple production.
This Indian state is popular for the apple production of different varieties. However, due to their suitable climate, Shimla, Mandi and Kulllu are major areas for growing apples.
A rough estimate of apple production in India states that Uttarakhand contributes to 10,000 hectares out of the country's overall 2 lakh hectares of apple cultivation.
With ideal climatic conditions and preferable soil availability, Arunachal Pradesh is a famous tourist destination for beautiful apple farms with eye-catching orchards.
Telangana is another major state for the large-scale production of apples. This is due to the pleasant climate suitable for the healthier growth of apple trees.
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