Top 5 Amla Producing States in India

In India, there are three types of amla: Chaikaya, Francis, and Banarasi. Each has unique flavours. They vary in taste and are cultivated for different purposes.
Madhya Pradesh leads Amla production in India, contributing 33.48% of the total. Its favourable climate and soil conditions foster optimal growth.
Uttar Pradesh is the second-largest producer of Amla in India, contributing around 33.39% to the total production, highlighting its significant role in the Amla industry.
Tamil Nadu plays a vital role in Amla production, contributing approximately 14.42% to the nation's total output. Its cultivation significantly impacts the Amla market and supports the economy.
Gujarat annually produces approximately 64,900 tonnes of Amla, contributing about 5.38% to India's total Amla production. This underscores Gujarat's significant role in India's Amla industry.
Assam plays a significant role in India's Amla production, contributing approximately 1.68% to the national output. Its cultivation diversifies India's agriculture.
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