Top 5 Almonds Production States in India

The city of Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir is famous for almonds. Popular for its high-quality almond production, the city became a major contributor to the country's almond industry.
Explore the picturesque region of Jammu and Kashmir, dominating the country's almond production with a whopping 91.26% share in the overall production of India.
Uncover the scenic state of Himachal Pradesh, contributing 8.73% to India's almond production. Many farmers in this state are engaged in almond cultivation for higher profits.
Almond production in Maharashtra has a minor but notable role in almond production in India, with a modest 0.09% share. Nashik is the leading grower of almonds in Maharashtra.
Delve into Karnataka's agricultural landscape, where almonds flourish alongside diverse crops. This state is another major almond producer with ideal climatic conditions.
Andhra Pradesh has a vast agricultural diversity, which plays a significant role in India's overall almond production. It has suitable climate conditions for large-scale almond farming.
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