Top 5 Almond Production States In India

Jammu & Kashmir is the largest producer of Almonds in India. This state has the availability of climates favourable for the production of Almonds on a large scale.
According to data, Jammu & Kashmir accounts for around 91.26 percent of the total almond cultivated in India. It has a large land area dedicated to almond production.
Himachal Pradesh contributes to 0.76 thousand tonnes of almonds produced in India. The famous districts for almonds in Himachal Pradesh are Shimla, Mandi and Kinaaur.
The state of Maharashtra is another major producer of almonds in India. It cultivates 0.09 percent of the total almonds produced in the country, leading to higher profits.
Uttarakhand is also one of the leading producers of almonds in India. This state is famous for its best-quality almonds, which help farmers to achieve a profitable income.
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