Top 5 Ajwain Producing States in India

Ajwain, also known as carom seeds, offers health benefits, including helping digestion, relieving indigestion, reducing bloating, and possessing antimicrobial properties.
Rajasthan is one of the leading Ajwain-producing states in India, with 8040 tonnes per year. It contributes significantly to the cultivation and supply of this aromatic herb.
Gujarat is known for its high-quality cultivation and significant contribution to the spice industry. With 33.1 % of Ajwain cultivation, It is one of India's leading Ajwain states.
Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading producers of Ajwain in India, contributing 76% of the Ajwain share to the country's spice production and agricultural economy.
Madhya Pradesh ranks among India's top states for 7750 tonnes of Ajwain production. It benefits from its favourable climate and fertile soil, which are conducive to herb cultivation.
Telangana is emerging as one of the key Ajwain producing states with a 3.4% of share in India. It is contributing significantly to the country's spice production.
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