Top 5 Agricultural Trends in India - Latest Innovations

It is essential for farmers to know about the latest agricultural trends for profitable farming. By following these trends, farmers can generate higher income.
With numerous modern techniques, such as Integrated Pest Management, cover crops or crop rotation, farmers can make crop production sustainable with a higher yield.
In the era of rising demand for organic crops, adopting Organic farming is ideal. Farmers can benefit from this agriculture technique due to the high selling price of yield.
The crops are grown vertically in numerous rows, and the favourable conditions are reproduced with the help of climate control technology and artificial technology.
The Regenerative farming technique can replenish the depleted soil nutrients. Farmers can produce healthy crop yields while improving biodiversity and soil health.
Urban farming is another new agricultural trend, and it includes rooftop gardens, community gardens and growing crops in narrow spaces for increased cost-effectiveness.
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