Top 4 Types of Tillers for Farming in India

Tiller is a farming equipment, which is operated manually for making soil loose by breaking the soil clods. It helps to prepare a healthy soil for ideal plant growth.
This type of tiller is usually powered by gas and it is compatible for deep ploughing. Also, it can produce sufficient power to break large soil clods, making it suitable for farming.
A Rear-tine Tiller has more weight compared to other tillers. However, it has numerous applications in the agricultural field, including ploughing and soil stirring.
The Front-tine Tillers are used for digging activities in small farms and gardens. Also, they are convenient for narrow rows in gardens and making the hard soil loose.
Vertical-tine Tillers are easy to use and they are fitted with effective and powerful tines that can break apart the soil to make a suitable ground for farming.
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