Top 4 Low Budget Fish to Farm in India

Fish farming, or aquaculture, involves breeding and raising fish in tanks or enclosures. It's a sustainable way to meet food demand and supports livelihoods with minimal environmental impact.
Catfish are hardy and grow quickly in diverse conditions. They require minimal investment, feed on a variety of foods, and have a high market demand, making them ideal for small farms.
Carp are easy to farm and adapt well to different water conditions. They grow fast, feed on plant-based diets, and are popular in the Indian market, offering good profitability.
Trout thrive in colder waters and can be farmed in hilly regions. They have a high market value, though initial setup costs are higher, they yield substantial long-term profits.
Tilapia hybrids are resilient, grow rapidly, and require simple farming techniques. They are cost-effective to farm, have a high feed conversion ratio, and enjoy robust market demand.
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