Top 10 Tractor Manufacture Companies in India

Farmers must consider all their alternatives before choosing the best tractor company in India. Therefore, let's quickly review the Top Tractor Companies in the Indian Market!


In terms of HP, tractors range from 15 to 75. In addition, Mahindra includes 4WD tractor models ranging from Rs 3.05 to Rs 12.50 lakhs. Popular Models JIVO 225 DI, Novo 755 DI etc.


Swaraj Tractors have HP from 11 to 75 and include heavy-duty and compact tractors, ranging from Rs. 2.45 lakh* and Rs. 13.50. Best selling mini tractor for farming swaraj code.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Tractor price ranges from Rs. 3.25 lakhs to Rs. 15.70 lakhs*, with the heavy-duty and mini tractors, HP ranges from 20 to 75 HP. Popular Tractor Model Massey Ferguson 245 DI and 7250 DI models etc.


From 20 HP to 90 HP, Sonalika tractor offers more than 50 wide range tractor models in India, starting from Rs. 3.25 lakhs to 16.80 Lakhs. Best Selling Sonalika GT 20, Tiger 26.


In India, Farmtrac tractors price range Start Rs. 4.80 lakh to Rs. 12.90 lakh. In India, The HP ranges from 22 to 88. Most selling models farmtrac 60, farmtrac 45, Farmtrac 6050.

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