Best 10 Thresher Machine for Agriculture with Price Range

What is an Agriculture Thresher Machine?

Thresher Machine is a farming tool which is used to obtain grains and remove seeds from husks and straws by the threshing process, and it is powered by a tractor.

Mahindra Thresher

The Mahindra thresher is a spike tooth type paddy thresher, which has a 35 to 55 HP range suitable for most utility tractors and delivers efficient field performance.

Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat)

It is a multi-functional thresher, which is ideal for large farming fields. This Landforce thresher delivers 94 to 99 percent cleaning efficiency with profits.

Swaraj P-550 Multicrop

It is a multi-crop thresher machine and needs 40 Horsepower for its operation. This Swaraj thresher comes with an oscillating 3-stage sieve cleaning system for precision.

Ks Group Thresher

Ks Group Thresher is farming machinery for achieving the grains from the paddy crop. Also, this thresher is available for a reasonable price for every farmer.

Dasmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher

This paddy thresher needs 35 horsepower for its operation, and it consumes about 2-litre fuel for threshing 1 ton of crop. Thus, it is designed for low fuel consumption.

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