Top 10 Summer Vegetables in India

Some of the most popular easy-to-grow vegetables in summer that require less maintenance and are used in various dishes are further listed.

Tomatoes, classified as fruits, are widely used as vegetables in India. They're rich in lycopene, vitamins C and K, and hydrating in summer. Enjoy them raw in salads or sauces, or cook them in curries.
Brinjals are versatile vegetables with high fibre for digestion. They provide flavonoids, vitamins, and potassium for overall wellness. People widely consume baingan ka bharta and brinjal sambar.
Chillies are spicy veggies that enhance flavour. They contain capsaicin for anti-inflammatory benefits, metabolism boost, and immunity support. You can grow Chilli in pots, fresh or dried in recipes.
Pumpkins, part of the squash family, have a sweet, nutty taste and soft texture when cooked. Rich in beta-carotene, fibre, potassium, and vitamin C, pumpkin is eaten in soup, halwa, pie, or curry.
Bottle gourd is a cooling veggie with a long shelf life. High in water content and low in calories, lauki is rich in calcium for bone strength and is also used as a remedy for stomach issues and cholesterol.
Lady's finger is a green vegetable with a slimy texture when cut. It's rich in fibre for bowel regulation and lower cholesterol. It contains vitamins C and K and can be consumed as bhindi fry, masala, or curry.
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