Tomato Farming Tips & Benefits in India

Tomato farming is popular in India due to its short duration, high nutritional and economic value, wide demand for fresh and processed products, and suitability for year-round cultivation.
The ideal conditions for tomato farming are a temperature range of 10-25°C and rainfall between 400-600mm.
Ideal soil conditions for tomato farming include deep, well-drained soil with good drainage and pH levels between 7-8.5, sandy loam, red soil, and medium black soil.
The time for sowing and planting tomato seeds vary based on the climate of different states.
Tomato seeds are sown in Nov and transplanted in Jan for spring season farming, taking advantage of the mild climate to promote growth and yield.
For autumn tomato farming, seeds are sown in July-Aug, transplanted in Sep, and matured in the mild autumn climate to optimize tomato growth and yield.
Tomatoes should be harvested by hand by separating them from the stem and keeping them in the shade in baskets or crates, although a tomato harvester machine can also be used for harvesting.
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