Tomato Farming Techniques & Tomato Varieties Price

Tomatoes are a short-duration vegetable crop that may be grown outdoors and indoors. To start a tomato farming business, check out the below cultivation steps.
The ideal rainfall for tomato growing is between 400 and 600 mm, and the perfect temperature range is between 10 and 25 °C.
The most optimal soil for tomato farming is sandy loam, red soil, and medium black soil. In addition, the pH of the soil must be 7–8.5 for better tomato production.
Tomato seed planting depends on the climate and can be done in late November and January for the spring season or July-August and September for the autumn season.
Tomatoes should be harvested by hand to separate from the stem. Keep the collected fruits in shaded baskets or boxes. To harvest the tomatoes, use the tomato harvester machine.
Consuming tomatoes improves skin health and gives several health benefits, as well as the ability to fight off various serious diseases.
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