Sweet Lime Farming Tips - Mosambi Cultivation

Sweet lime cultivation in India defines growing and harvesting the popular citrus fruit known for its sweet flavour and rich vitamin C content for health benefits.
Propagation and planting in sweet lime cultivation is done using seeds, cuttings, or grafting methods to produce new trees in ideal soil and climatic conditions.
Sweet lime cultivation weed control is practised by various techniques such as manual weeding, mulching, and using herbicides to eliminate weed growth for plant growth.
Sweet lime cultivation requires a consistent and sufficient water supply to the trees, mainly during dry periods, to support healthy plant growth and fruit production.
Pests and diseases in sweet lime farming are harmful to the crop, including aphids, citrus leaf miners, fruit flies, and diseases like citrus canker and greening.
Harvesting in sweet lime cultivation involves carefully handpicking the mature fruits from the trees while ensuring proper handling to maintain their quality and taste.
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