Swaraj Target 630 Best 4WD Tractor For Farming

Swaraj Target 630 has a power-packed liquid-cooled engine with 29 HP. As a result, this tractor can perform a wide range of farming activities without any hassle.
This Swaraj tractor has a strong and effective hydraulic lifting capacity of 980 kg. Therefore, it can carry the essential farming equipment with ease, while ensuring safety.
The front and rear tracks of the Swaraj Target 630 are adjustable according to the need. This leads to a powerful and comfortable farming operation for longer durations.
Swaraj Target 630 has a 22 LPM hitch pump flow which offers hassle-free operation during fieldwork. Along with this, the tractor model has a transport lock feature.
This tractor model from Swaraj has a sync-shift transmission to achieve the desired speed for farming tasks. As a result, the transmission is ideal for smooth working.
The front axle of this Swaraj tractor makes it easier to control it on every terrain. Apart from this, the model comes with a Balanced Power Steering for effective handling.
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