Swaraj Code - India’s First Smart & Multipurpose Compact Size Tractor Model

Swaraj Code mini tractor is newly launched by the Swaraj tractor brand which is just entering in the tractor market with many drastic features that fulfil the farmer’s requirements

HP & Engine Capacity

Swaraj Code manufactures with 11 HP engine power and implemented with a robust engine that generates 3600 RPM.

Clutch, Transmission & Brakes

It is fitted with a single clutch and oil-immersed brakes which helps it to perform effectively.


The Swaraj Code has a sufficient HP to mount other farming applications with the 220 Kg lifting hydraulic capacity.

Fuel Type

It has a petrol fuel tank type and its engine is fitted with 1 cylinder that ensures good mileage, making it durable.

Special Features

Narrow width, Double ground clearance, Short turning radius, Stable and safe, Multi-speed options and Bi-directional driving

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