Swaraj Code Best Mini Tractor For Small Farming Operations

Swaraj Code is suitable for various farming applications, including Deweeding, Spraying and Reaping. Additionally, the tractor is feasible for row crops such as vegetables, fruits, cotton, sugarcane, groundnut etc.

This tractor comes with a dry-type air filter, 1 cylinder, 389 CC, and a water-cooled system that produces a rated engine power of 11 HP and has 9.46 PTO HP with 3600 ERPM speed.

A single clutch with sliding mesh transmission type mated with 6 Forward and 3 Reverse gears manages the transmission box. 1.9 kmph is the minimum speed, while 16.76 kmph is the maximum.

This advanced 2-wheel drive model comes with oil-immersed brakes, which provide a smooth experience and help in dealing with rugged roads, whereas it has a 1643 mm wheelbase.

This Swaraj 2 Wheel-Drive tractor is a technically advanced tractor model with numerous qualities that comes with mechanical steering and a warranty of 700 hours/ 1 year.

The fuel tank capacity is 10 L, whereas 220 KG is the lifting capacity. Therefore, it fulfils all essential farming tasks efficiently and is giving tough competition to its competitors.

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