SWARAJ 834 XM - India’s Most Compatible Tractor Model For Farming

SWARAJ 834 XM is one of the popular models by the Swaraj tractor brand.

It is a 35 HP utility tractor model which is fitted with advanced features and attachment capabilities.

SWARAJ 834 XM tractor model is compatible with agriculture and commercial activities.

It is fitted with 29 HP PTO of 6 Spline type that generates 540/1000 RPM which helps to lift other farming applications.

SWARAJ 834 XM is a heavy-duty tractor that is widely used in tilling, sowing, puddling etc.

The SWARAJ 834 XM price starts from Rs. 4.94 Lakhs to Rs. 5.25 Lakhs, which is quite affordable according to the farmer’s budget.

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