SWARAJ 724 XM Tractor Model - First Choice of Every Farmer

Swaraj tractor offers the best tractor models globally with exceptional qualities and bearable prices.

It manufactures model which relies on 15 HP to 63 HP, including mini tractor, utility tractor and heavy-duty tractor as well.

SWARAJ 724 XM tractor model is one of the most popular offerings of the Swaraj brand which is built with a 25 HP and 1824 CC engine that generates 1800 ERPM.

Its 1000 Kg lifting capacity with 3 point linkage category - I & II helps to lift the other applications.

The SWARAJ 724 XM price starts from Rs. 3.74 Lakhs to Rs. 4.21 Lakhs which is budget-friendly according to the farmer’s budget.

It is also compatible with various farming implements such as tilling, levelling, sowing, puddling, hauling, and harvesting.

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