Summer Season Vegetable Farming in India

Tomatoes are among the most consumed vegetables in India. They require a temperature between 25°C and 35°C, ample sunlight, well-drained soil, and regular watering for a successful yield.
Brinjal, or eggplant, is also a warm-season crop. Consuming brinjal in summer protects children from measles. Several varieties with different sizes, colours, and shapes can be grown in summer.

Chilli is a popular spice in India, and some of the most pungent (spicy) varieties are grown in the hot summer season. Chilli can be grown from seeds and is ready to harvest within 2-2.5 months of sowing.

Pumpkins are cucurbit summer vegetables cultivated through seeds. Pits of 2 x 2 ft and 6 ft apart are formed to sow 3 seeds per pit. They mature and are harvested after 3-4 months of seed sowing.
This summer veggie can also be grown from seeds. Cucumber seeds are planted in round holes in areas where vines can trail around house roofs, pergolas, etc. Harvesting can be done after 2-3 months.
Bottle gourd is a running or climbing vine in the gourd family. It is a summer vegetable that can be grown easily through seeds. After two months of seed sowing, bottle gourd is ready to harvest.
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