Popular Summer Fruits in India - Seasonal Fruits

Popular summer fruits to satisfy your thirsts, such as mangoes, melons, litchis, and lemons, are available in the Indian Market and have their unique cultivation requirements and market demand.
Watermelon is a profitable and popular summer fruit in India, requiring a warm and dry climate, well-drained soil, and adequate irrigation, yielding up to 25-30 tonnes per hectare.
Mangoes are a highly profitable summer fruit for Indian farmers due to their high demand and export potential, requiring a tropical climate, well-drained soil, and regular irrigation and fertilization.
Grapes are high-value summer fruit that requires well-drained soil, adequate sunlight, and regular pruning to ensure maximum yield and quality, making them a popular choice among farmers in India.
Musk melon is a profitable summer fruit that can be cultivated as a cash crop or intercrop in India, with an average yield of 20-25 tonnes per hectare and a growing season of 80-100 days.
Pineapple cultivation in India can be profitable with the right growing conditions, proper irrigation, and nutrient management, and it can provide a high yield per hectare.
Pear is a nutritious and profitable summer fruit that requires well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-7.5 and regular irrigation and fertilization for optimal growth and yield.
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