Sugarcane Farming Process in India

Sugarcane belongs to the family of bamboo and is indigenous to India. It is the major source of jaggery, sugar and food.

Climate Requirement

Sugarcane is a tropical plant, and it is known as a long-duration crop. However, this plant thrives well in warm tropical areas.

Soil Requirement

Well-drained soil with groundwater 1.5-2 m below the soil surface is the best for sugarcane production.

Land Preparation

You need two ploughings; the first ploughing is done at 20-25 cm depth. However, on average, 40 - 50 quintals of production occur per acre of land.

Sow the Seeds

The sugarcane seeds should be planted 3-4 cm apart, sown at a depth. And the sowing period of sugarcane is from September to October and February to March.

Sugarcane Plant Care

For the care of the sugarcane plant, you should be aware of weed control, fertiliser dose requirement and pests and their Control.

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