Sugarcane Cultivation in India - Sugarcane Juice Benefits

Sugarcane offers numerous benefits such as it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which can boost immunity. Its flavonoids also combat cancer cells, particularly in prostate and breast cancer.

Sugarcane thrives in tropical climates but can also grow in subtropical areas like northern India. It is cultivated globally between 35°N and 35°S, up to altitudes of 1000m.

Sugarcane fields are plowed 2-4 times at 50-60 cm deep using a tractor-drawn disc or victory plough. Then, the land is harrowed at 12-15 cm to break clods and smooth the soil.
Seed Rate & Spacing In spring, space rows 90 cm apart in fertile soil; in autumn with intercrops, use 120 cm. For 90 cm spacing, plant 12 setts/meter, requiring 60-65 quintals of seed per hectare.
Phosphorus is best applied in bands below the root zone. Apply phosphatic fertiliser in-furrow bottoms before planting sugarcane setts, mixing lightly with soil.
For sugarcane, use shallow wetting with 2-3 cm of water at shorter intervals, especially for sandy soil to enhance germination. Sprinkler irrigation suits the initial stages best.
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