Strawberry Farming Tips in India: Types of Strawberry

Strawberry season in India varies across regions. In hilly areas, it's from Sep-Oct with the harvest from Dec-Mar. In Maharashtra plains, it's from Oct-Nov with the harvest from Jan-Apr.
India offers various strawberry varieties for cultivation. Popular ones include Chandler, Tioga, Torrey, Selva, Belrubi, Fern and Pajaro.
Strawberries prefer well-drained, fertile, slightly acidic soil with a pH of 5.0-6.5. Remove weeds, plough deeply, and add organic manure and neem cake for fertility and pest control.
Temperate climates with limited sunlight and frost protection are ideal for strawberries. Suitable varieties can also grow in subtropical regions with proper ventilation and humidity.
Strawberry propagation can be done through runners or tissue culture. Planting systems include row, hill, space-row, and plastic mulch. Each method has specific spacing and benefits for cultivation.
Strawberries bear fruit in the second year. Harvest ripe fruits in the morning or evening, handle them carefully, and store them at low temperatures for freshness and quality.
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