Strawberry Cultivation Guide

Soil Requirement

Sandy, dry soil is ideal for cultivation, pH of 5.5 to 7, and an EC of less than 0.7 mS/cm is advisable.

Bed Preparation

A two-row method on a single raised bed is helpful for strawberry cultivation. Size of Bed: 60 cm, Route: 50 cm and Size: 45 cm.

FYM and Basal Dose

During Bed Preparation, add FYM and Basal Dose to provide nutrients and enhance soil structure.


The primary purpose of plastic mulching is to keep the soil temperature stable and protect the roots from cold damage.


Strawberry farming requires drip irrigation. The drip system has one to two lateral lines 16 mm wide, with drippers placed every 30 cm and discharging 2 to 4 litres per hour.


Strawberry fruit begins to be harvested when the natural crimson colour reaches 50% to 75%. Therefore, the optimum time to harvest strawberries is in the morning.

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