Steps for starting a Fish Farming Business in India

It's challenging to start a fish farm in India. The following slides briefly outline the many steps involved in rearing fish.

Preparing Fish Pond

You can build a new pond or use your current one to start a fish company in India. Fish can be raised in both seasonal and year-round ponds.

After thoroughly cleaning the pond's bottom, fertilise it. PH soil and pond water should be optimised. A good pond ecosystem guarantees high productivity and profit.

Fish Breed Selection

The ideal method for utilising resources as effectively as possible is polyculture. You can get quality fish seeds from the nearest fish farmer or the fisheries department.

The market demand, maintenance requirements, resource availability, efficient resource use, etc., should all be considered while choosing a breed.

Fish Maintenance and Feeding

A pond needs to be shielded from predators and has a PH value of 7- 8 for optimal growth. Fish suspected of being unhealthy should be removed from ponds and scouted daily.

Fish meat can be processed to create value-added goods that can be sold overseas. The formation of a farmers association may help in this marketing.

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