Start Profitable Shrimp Farming Business In India

Shrimps are the most consumed seafood in the world and are also highly compatible with the aquaculture business. So, choose the shrimp varieties wisely according to your requirements. 

1. Vannamei Shrimp Farming

It is a freshwater prawn that can easily grow in freshwater and be harvested in 4 to 5 months. It is also healthy and nutritious for bones and building muscle tissues. 

2. Brown Shrimp

This variety of growth mainly depends on temperature and salinity. Generally, it lives for a short life span. 

3. White Shrimp

It is one of the most common varieties of shrimp which is highly consumed in the world. It mainly grows in loamy and sandy soil. 

4. Giant Tiger Prawn

It lives underwater for up to 5 years and is generally farmed for commercial purposes. It contains iron, zinc and vitamin c. 

5. Giant Freshwater Prawn

It is rear for commercial purposes and also suitable for eating because it contains a sweet taste and 17.6 g of protein. 

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