Start Chicken Farming with Types of Chicken

Chicken farming is the fastest growing poultry farming business in the agriculture sector. Rearing chicken commercially is beneficial for marginal farmers so that they can sell meat and eggs.
To start chicken farming, you should choose the suitable breed according to your farm, climate and budget, following the chicken breed mentioned below.

1. Broiler Chicken

This kind of chicken requires a wide area to roam and eat. Broiler chicken takes around 7 weeks to grow according to the market weight.

2. White Leghorn Chicken

It is a globally known chicken breed. If you are seeking the egg-laying chicken breed, so this is one of the perfect options to rear. It produces 280-320 eggs per year.

3. Australorp Chicken

This is a gentle kind of breed which gets attached to its owners easily. It produces 250 eggs every year.

4. Rhode Island Red Chicken

It is the most common red chicken breed, which is popular for delicious meat and healthy eggs. Generally, it produces 5 to 6 eggs per week.

5. Kadaknath Chicken

It is one of the popular Indian chicken breeds that originated in Madhya Pradesh. It produces 120 - 140 eggs per year.
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