Star Fruit Farming Tips in India - Benefits of Star Fruit

Star Fruit has a long duration harvesting season. The fruits appear in June, and with proper caring, star fruits can be commercially grown for higher benefits.
Star fruit farming requires a significant amount of sunlight throughout the growing season. It also needs hot and humid conditions, with temperatures above 35 degrees.
The cultivation of star fruits is practised in both acidic and alkaline soils. The recommended soil pH level for star fruit is 5.5 to 6.5 for ideal plant development.
Grafting, seed propagation and air layering are the popular methods of propagation in star fruit farming. These 3 methods are considered according to the demand and yield.
Anthracnose, Leaf spot, black spot and root rot are commonly observed diseases in Star fruit. Also, philaphedra scales and Plumose scales are recurring insects.
The harvesting process of star fruit is carried out at different times depending on the propagation method. The peak stage of fruit-bearing is Jan-Feb and Sept-Oct.
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