Spinach Farming Tips & Benefits in India

Spinach planting in India involves selecting the appropriate variety, preparing the soil with organic matter, and sowing the seeds in a well-spaced manner.
Spinach is a cool season crop, commonly grown in India from October to March, and prefers well-drained soil rich in organic matter.
Popular spinach varieties for cultivation in India include Pusa Early Dwarf, All Green, New Zealand Spinach, and Hybrid 7.
Spinach harvesting time in India depends on the variety, soil, and climate, with the first cutting usually done 25-30 days after sowing and subsequent cuttings at intervals of 20-25 days.
Common pests and diseases of spinach in India include aphids, leaf miners, downy mildew, white rust, which can be controlled by crop rotation, and appropriate fungicides or pesticides.
After harvesting, spinach can be stored in a cool and dry place with proper ventilation or can be blanched and frozen for long-term storage.
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