Soybean Farming Tips in India - Soybean Seeds Benefits

Soybeans are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, CHD, and some cancers and improve bone health.
Soybeans thrive in warm and moist climates. A temperature between 26-32 degrees Celsius is considered ideal for the cultivation of most soybean varieties.
Preparing land for soybean farming requires ploughing and levelling of the field. Thereafter, you need to add organic matter to help enhance soil fertility and moisture retention.
Numerous sowing methods are popular for soybean cultivation. These methods include row planting, drilling, or broadcasting, which ensure even growth and optimal space utilization.
Weed control needs to be employed as an agricultural practice for successful soybean farming. This practice includes timely hoeing, using herbicides, and mulching to protect crops and boost yields.
When pods turn yellow-brown and seeds rattle inside, it's time to harvest those matured soybeans. You can use machines or manually pick the ready pods.
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