Sonalika Rx 47 Sikander Tractor Know Features & Price

Tractor Engine

It has a water-cooled, 3-cylinder engine which delivers 1900 RPM at 50 Horsepower with the help of a 3065 cc displacement capacity and it has a dry type filter.

Tractor Transmission

This Sonalika tractor model is equipped with a constant mesh transmission and it constitutes 8 forward + 2 reverse gears, which are operated by optional single and dual clutch.

Powerful Steering

It has an optional mechanical and power steering system for comfortable steering and proper control for operating on every terrain, ensuring the safety of a farmer.

Braking System

This Sonalika tractor comes with the options of dry disc and oil-immersed brakes for suitable grip and reduced slippage on challenging surfaces for agriculture activities.

Take-Off Power And Hydraulics

There is a powerful 40.92 PTO HP and 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. These features help in carrying out farming operations such as harvesting and ploughing without any hassle.

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