Sonalika DI 32 Baagban Best Tractor for Farming

Tractor Maximum Speed

The Sonalika DI 32 Baagban mini tractor has a speed range of 2.41 to 34.30 kmph. Therefore, it can quickly carry out farming operations without any hassle.

Tractor PTO Power

Sonalika DI 32 generates a powerful 27 Horsepower of Take-Off Power, effectively operating essential farming implements for crop production.

Engine Power

The engine capacity of this Sonalika tractor is 2780 CC. Hence, we can operate this tractor for every farming activity, with lesser fuel consumption for efficiency.

Tractor Price

The price of Sonalika DI 32 Baagban is Rs. 5.50 to 5.80 lakh in India. As a result, this farming vehicle is the choice of many farmers for hassle-free farming.

Lifting Capacity

With a lifting capacity of 1336 kg, the Sonalika DI 32 tractor model can easily handle heavy loads and attachments.

Steering Type

The Sonalika DI 32 Baagban tractor model offers Mechanical / Power Steering, making it easy to manoeuvre and control any situation.

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