Solis 2516 SN 4WD Mini Tractor For Farming

The engine capacity of Solis 2516 SN 4WD tractor is 1318 CC displacement capacity, which helps in delivering a fuel efficient performance without compromising the power.
Solis 2516 SN 4WD price is Rs. 5.23 to 5.40 lakh in India, making it an reliable agricultural vehicle for every farmer. It has all the modern features at a budget-friendly price.
With 12 Forward + 4 Reverse gears, the Solis 2516 SN 4WD tractor offers a smoother driving experience, and the gears are seamlessly operated by a single clutch.
There is a well-performing power steering system fitted in the Solis 2516 SN 4WD tractor, delivering easier handling of the tractor on every challenging terrain.
Solis 2516 SN 4WD tractor has a weight of 910 KG, which provides a stable ride while ensuring the safety of the operator in carrying out essential farming operations.
This tractor has a 23 Horsepower Take-Off Power, powering the farm implements crucial for crop production activities. Also, the tractor has a 600 kg lifting capacity.
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