Best Small Business Ideas for Village under Rs 50,000

If you have access to some land in the village, growing vegetables and fruits can be profitable. Selling fresh produce or organic products in local markets or directly to customers.
Opening a Mobile repair shop and offering services like screen replacement, battery changes, and software updates can attract many customers in rural areas, which can be a good business idea.
Offering beauty services like haircuts, facials, threading, etc, in a rural area can be a good business idea. It requires a small investment in basic equipment and supplies.
Starting a poultry farm for eggs and meat can be a good business. This requires relatively low investment and can yield quick returns. One can also supply meat and eggs to nearby areas.
One can start a dairy farm with a small initial investment. Selling milk and milk products like curd, butter, and cheese can be highly profitable, especially in nearby urban areas.
Offering tailoring and alteration services can be a good business, especially for custom clothing needs. This requires a sewing machine and some basic materials and skills to do it.
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