Role of precision farming in modern agriculture

What is precision farming?

It is a type of modern agriculture where just apt nutrients are used from the soil with the help of modern technical measurement systems to maximize crop production

Sensor-based precision farming

The sensors help to recognize real-time errors and requirements in order to fulfil real-time demands and thus save minerals, enhancing soil health.

IoT-based precision agriculture

The Internet of Things helps to manage the data and correct farming mistakes just at the right time

Through autonomous robots

Autonomous robots are reducing labour costs to a lot extent. Henceforth, every small farmer will benefit from the same.

Using drone-based technology

Drones are becoming the primary source of farm surveillance and for spraying fertilizer, pesticide, insecticide etc.

Satellite-based precision agriculture

The satellites are exclusively being used to make weather forecasts, soil studies, etc., to help the farmers.

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