Rice Farming Tips in India - Paddy Crop Cultivation

India boasts 200,000 rice varieties, which have been a staple for millennia. Basmati rice, with its diverse types, stands out for its aroma, offering 27 recorded varieties.
Prepare the rice field by removing rocks, trash, and weeds. Plow and level the land for a smooth surface. Amend soil with organic matter and fertilizers as needed.
Selecting the right rice seeds is vital for a successful harvest. Opt for fresh, plump seeds from a reputable source, ideally under a year old, for optimal germination.
Two primary methods for sowing rice seeds: direct seeding into a wet area with few weeds. Alternatively, transplanting seedlings from a controlled nursery bed to the main field.
A rice crop typically requires around 10mm of water daily. So, a 100-day maturing crop needs about 1000mm, while a 150-day crop needs 50% more.
Rice should be harvested when 80-85% of the grains turn straw-colored. Ideal harvest times range from 110 days for early-maturing varieties to 136 days for late-maturing ones.
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