Reasons you should adopt Contour Farming 

Increases Crop Yields

The Contour Planting method has been shown to enhance crop yields, decrease erosion, and use less power, time, and fertilizers.

This technique is known to eliminate tillage erosion and absorb the impact of severe rains, which frequently wash away topsoil in straight-line plantings.

Helps Combat Soil Erosion

Contour Farming in India helps slow the flow of runoff water and provides adequate time for water to saturate the soil.

According to reports, contour farming can effectively reduce soil erosion by 50%.

Efficient Soil Irrigation

As water travels slowly and effectively through the soil, contour planting helps to disperse it evenly between furrows.

Reduces Labour Costs

Compared to the traditional downslope techniques, contour farming in India involves less labour to maintain the irrigation system.

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