Raw Mangoes Season Fruits in India

Loaded with anti-oxidants, zeaxanthin and lutein, raw mangoes decrease inflammation and boost collagen. Also, raw mangoes are beneficial for improving eye-health.
Raw mangoes are helpful for the digestive system. They boost the digestive enzymes in our body for a better gut health, leading to easier absorption of nutrients.
Raw mangoes are full of essential nutrients and they balance the triglycerides levels in the body to reduce fatty acids and cholesterol, leading to a healthy heart.
They also maintain the blood sugar levels in the body and prevent the imbalance of insulin. Thus, the consumption of raw mangoes is preferred for diabetic patients.
An effective group of anti-oxidants are present in raw mangoes, known as Polyphenols, which help in eradicating the risk of harmful cancerous cells in our body.
They are also considered healthy for bone density. This is due to the high amounts of Vitamin K, which is essential for the proper functioning of the bone.
Raw mangoes boost the secretion of bile acids, resulting in liver detoxification. As a result, the fat accumulated in the body gets removed, and the liver stays healthy.
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