Profitable Guide For Perennial Crops – Benefits And Types

What Are Perennial Crops?

Perennial crops are crops with a life cycle of more than two years, and they are not planted again after every harvest.

Types Of Perennials

Woody, Herbaceous, Deciduous, Monocarpic and Evergreen Perennials are the five major types of Perennial Crops.

Benefits Of Perennial Crops Farming

It helps to reduce soil erosion and carbon emissions, and it also ensures food security.

Suitable Areas For Perennials

Highland tropic, Arid, Cold temperate and Mediterranean regions are some of the areas where Perennial Crop farming is ideal.

Perennial Crops In India

The Indian farming sector is slowly but steadily adapting to the cultivation of Perennial crops, and with the latest technology, we can easily achieve such.

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