Preet 7549 4WD Powerful Tractor with 4 Cylinder

The Preet 7549 4WD tractor comes with a 75 Horsepower, which produces 2200 RPM with the help of 4088 cc displacement capacity to deliver a fuel-efficient performance.
A combination of constant and sliding mesh transmission helps the tractor to operate 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, leading to smoother operation in agriculture.
It has a 2400 kg hydraulic lifting capacity that delivers the ease of operation in farming. Therefore, the tractor can easily handle the necessary farming implements.
The braking system of Preet 7549 4WD tractor is equipped with multi-disc oil-immersed brakes, delivering adequate control by offering rapid stopping of the tractor.
Preet 7549 4WD has a power steering, which does not require the operator’s force to effortlessly handle the tractor over any surface, resulting in seamless operation.
This tractor comes with a brilliant warranty suitable according to the features. Also, the Preet 7549 4WD price is Rs. 11.10 to 11.90 lakh in India, as per the budgets of farmers.
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