Preet 3049 Best Selling 2wd Mini Tractor Model

With a 2781 cc engine capacity, the Preet 3049 Tractor has a powerful 3-cylinder engine that produces 35 horsepower.
The Preet 3049 tractor model has a combi constant and sliding mesh transmission system that provides smooth gear shifts and 8 forward and 2 reverse gears for efficient performance.
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The tractor model has an impressive lifting capacity of 1800 kg, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks in agriculture and construction.
The Preet 3049 Tractor model features a reliable and efficient multi-disc oil-immersed brake system for safe and effective stopping power.
With a power steering system, the Preet 3049 Tractor model provides precise and effortless control, enhancing the operator's productivity and reducing fatigue.
The price of the preet 3049 tractor model falls between Rs. 4.60 lakhs to Rs. 4.90 lakhs and comes with a standard warranty time.
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