Powertrac Tractor - A Growing Revolution In Tractor Industry

Powertrac has more than 27 models to offer in the Indian market.
The most selling tractor models offered by Powertrac tractors are Powertrac Euro 50 and Powertrac 439 plus.
The most economical tractor in the Powertrac tractor segment is the Powertrac 425 N price at 4.30 lakhs*.
The PowerTrac tractors are available in different tractor series name as the following.
Powertrac Euro, it is available in an HP range of 28 HP to 60 HP.
Powertrac DS series ( Mini Tractor series ), it is available in the HP range of 25 HP to 39 HP.
Powertrac ALT series of tractor, it comes between the hp range of 28 HP to 41 HP.
Powertrac next series of tractors are designed for advanced farming and comes between the HP range of 52 HP to 60 HP.
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