Powertrac Euro Tractor Series Models in India

Powertrac Euro tractor series Models are most prevalent in the tractor competitive market because of their attributes.


The Powertrac 50 HP tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine having a capacity of 2761 CC; this 43 HP PTO has an RPM range of 540 in dual and multi-speed.

2. Powertrac Euro 42 Plus

This 42 HP tractor is equipped with modern elements, and this engine is connected with a 10-speed gearbox and encompasses 2 reverse and 8 forward gears.

3. Powertrac Euro 47

To deliver the optimum speed, this 50 HP tractor has a 10-speed gearbox with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears that can achieve maximum speed.

4. Powertrac Euro 60

This 60 HP tractor has a total of 2400 KG of weight. The tractor's width is 1900 mm, a length of 3700 mm and a ground clearance of 432 mm.


The Powertrac Euro 55 has a 1800 KG lifting capacity. Powertrac Euro 55 is available in the price range of Rs 7.80 lakh* to Rs 7.99 Lakh*.

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