Powertrac Euro 60 Best Mileage Tractor For Farming

Powertrac Euro 60 is equipped with many farming features, such as an 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity for lifting heavy weights. It has a 51 HP PTO for powering the implements.

This Powertrac tractor comes with a power-packed 4-cylinder engine with 60 HP, producing an impressive 2200 RPM. Also, its engine has a 3682 CC displacement capacity.

With an Automatic Depth And Draft Control System of hydraulic, this Powertrac Euro 60 tractor provides seamless farming operations in every agricultural field.
The tractor is manufactured to deliver comfortable operation in crop production. It has high-quality upholstery to provide a fatigue-free driving experience for the operator.
There is a powerful and effective 51 Horsepower Take-Off Power in the Powertrac Euro 60 tractor. It can easily power the essential farming implements needed in the field.
It has a rear tractor tyre size of 16.9 X 28, and the front tractor tyres size is 7.5 X 16. Hence, tractor tyres are easily available in the market and offer proper traction.
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