Top 5 Selling Swaraj Tractors in India 2023

With their robust build, advanced features, and competitive pricing, Swaraj tractors provide a compelling value proposition for improved efficiency and profitability in farming operations.
Swaraj 717 is highly suitable for small landholdings. With its efficient 15 HP engine, versatile attachments, and affordable price, it helps farmers accomplish various tasks easily.
This powerful 48 HP tractor has features like power steering and 1700 kg lifting capacity. Ranging from Rs. 8.20 lakhs to Rs. 8.55 lakhs, it is an ideal choice for medium to large-sized farms.
Offering farmers the ability to tackle demanding agricultural activities, Swaraj 963 FE is a high-performance tractor known for its superior 60-65 HP engine power, fuel efficiency, and ergonomic design.
Swaraj 855 FE’s dual-clutch system, dry/oil-immersed brakes and (8F+ 2R) gearbox make it a reliable companion for farmers in diverse terrains. The tractor price ranges from Rs. 7.80 lakhs - Rs. 9.89 lakhs.
With its 55- 60 HP powerful engine, comfortable seating, and independent power steering, Swaraj 960 FE provides farmers with the tools to maximize productivity and yield.
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