Popular Rose Production States in India

Karnataka is the leading producer of rose in India, making it a profitable business for farmers. This state has the ideal agro-climate conditions for growing roses.
A significant amount of rose is produced in Karnataka, which contributes to the total rose production in India. It cultivates 1,71,880 tonnes of rose flowers per year.
The total rose flower production in West Bengal is 65,290 tonnes. This Indian state accounts for contributing to a huge chunk of the overall production of roses of the country.
Uttar Pradesh cultivates a total of 65,920 tonnes of roses in India. A large number of farmers in Uttar Pradesh is engaged in the commercial scale production of roses.
Gujarat grows a total of 38,760 tonnes of roses in India, resulting in a profitable income for farmers. The state’s agro-climatic conditions are favourable for roses.
The state of Tamil Nadu has a large land area engaged in the commercial production of roses. It produces 33,890 tonnes of the total roses cultivated in the country.
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