Popular Monsoon Season Flowers In India

Several flowers bloom during the Indian monsoon, including Champa (Frangipani), Ixora, Jasmine, Lotus, and Marigold. These vibrant blooms add beauty and fragrance to the rainy season.
The Indian monsoon brings plenty of Champa or frangipani flowers. Their fragrant, waxy blossoms add a tropical touch to the rainy season and are frequently used in religious offerings.
India's favourite monsoon flower, Ixora, has bunches of tiny, vivid blossoms. It represents passion and is prized for its long-lasting blossoms. You may often find it in gardens and parks.
Jasmine blooms during the monsoon season and fills the air with its delightful scent. Its star-shaped, white blossoms are frequently used in garlands and fragrances throughout India.
India's national flower, the lotus, has most beautiful blooms throughout the monsoon season. Its huge, calm flowers, which grow in ponds and lakes, are a symbol of beauty and purity in Indian culture.
Bright and resilient, marigolds flourish throughout the Indian monsoon. They are often used in celebrations, décor, and customary rituals because of their vivid orange and yellow colours.
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