Top 5 Best Selling Mahindra Tractor in India

Mahindra Tractor is the trusted choice of farmers because it provides reliable, strong and efficient tractors, making it the leading tractor brand in India and the world for over 3 decades.
Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus is a 44 HP tractor with advanced features, including a 4-cylinder engine and maximum torque of 172.1 Nm, making it a popular and efficient choice for a wide range of farming operations.
Mahindra 575 XP Plus is a versatile and powerful tractor model with a 47 HP engine, advanced hydraulics, high lifting capacity, and 8F + 2R gearbox, making it ideal for heavy-duty farming tasks.
Mahindra 275 XP Plus is a fuel-efficient and powerful tractor with an ergonomic design, ideal for small and medium-sized farms, featuring a 37 HP engine, 1480 kg lift capacity, and 50-liter fuel tank.
Mahindra 265 XP Plus is a reliable and versatile 33 HP tractor with a water cooled cooling system and a 28.8 km/hr top speed, making it a popular choice among Indian farmers.
Mahindra 585 XP Plus is a powerful 49 HP tractor with advanced features such as Dual Acting Power steering and a full constant mesh transmission and dry disc brakes / OIB, suitable for various farming operations.
Mahindra Jivo 245 DI 4WD is a compact tractor designed for narrow and small farms with a 24 HP engine and a 4-wheel drive system, making it ideal for small farms and tight spaces.
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