Popular Farmtrac Tractor Series in India

Farmtrac is the leading brand of Escorts Agri Machinery, founded in India in 1996. The company is popular for its durable and affordable tractors, which can perform various agricultural tasks.
The Powermaxx series combines power and versatility in its range of 6 efficient tractor models. These tractors, which range from 50 to 60 HP, are priced at Rs. 7.92 to 10.17 lakhs.
This series of tractors offers robust power and advanced features for superior performance in agriculture. It has 3 tractor models under 47 to 65 HP and is available to buy at Rs. 7.60 to 11.34 lakhs.
The Farmtrac Champion tractor series offers 10 models in the 35 to 45 HP range. Priced between Rs. 5.00 and Rs. 7.70 lakhs, these tractors deliver reliable performance and versatility on the farm.
The ATOM series tractors are compact and versatile machines designed for efficiency in farming. These 22—to 35 HP tractors are available to purchase at Rs. 5.14 to Rs. 6.85 lakhs.
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